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April 4–5, 2024

Tuck Emerging Markets Conference

Tomorrow’s markets, today.

The annual Tuck Emerging Markets Conference brings MBA students together with executives, entrepreneurs, and investors who are actively involved in shaping emerging markets across various industries. Designed for those who have an interest in these markets or who are aspiring entrepreneurs, the conference showcases keynote speeches, panels, and social events, providing students with a powerful platform to exchange knowledge and network with industry leaders.

What Regions Will the Tuck Emerging Markets Conference Focus On?

What Topics Will We Cover?


With a compound annual growth rate of over 16%, the EdTech market in emerging markets is projected to reach $10 billion by 2025, driven by increased internet penetration, smartphone usage, and demand for remote learning solutions.


Fintech adoption in emerging markets has surged, with mobile payment transaction volumes expected to exceed $3 trillion by 2025, driven by the proliferation of digital wallets, mobile banking, and innovative payment solutions catering to underserved populations.


Emerging markets account for nearly 80% of global renewable energy capacity additions, with investments expected to surpass $600 billion by 2030, as governments prioritize clean energy transitions to mitigate climate change impacts and achieve sustainability goals.

Health Care

Emerging markets are experiencing a digital health revolution, with telemedicine consultations projected to surpass 1 billion by 2025, fueled by investments in healthtech startups, mobile health apps, and electronic health record systems, aiming to improve healthcare access and outcomes for millions of people.